Mirella Saldana

Mirella Saldana
Program Director
Mirella Saldaña is an undergraduate student at George Mason University, currently pursuing a B.A. in both Global Affairs and Spanish. Along with her interest in global development and education, Mirella is committed to working for the advancement of her local community. She has demonstrated a long devotion to her community through her leadership roles in the community, as well as in GMU, where is the current the President of the Hispanic Student Association. As President, Mirella has pioneered events to address the issues of the Latino community and to empower students to share with pride their Latino culture. As a first generation immigrant student in college, Mirella has worked with different organizations including non-for-profits, developing projects that serve to encourage underrepresented populations to seek higher education. 

Mirella Saldana speaks:
I have witnessed first-hand the struggles that first generation college students face as we apply to college. Although we take the initiative to seek for opportunities, there is always a need for a support system. Through my experience, I have found that one of the main sources of support are peers, who have recently confronted the same struggles and who are willing to lend a hand. Therefore, I believe that once we are in college and have learned how everything is supposed to be done, we must pay forward and provide this opportunity to students like the ones we work with in United for Social Justice. 

A saying that I keep as a motivation to move forward is: "Luck means happens when preparation meets opportunity." My advise to youth is to prepare educationally, no matter what struggles we may face, because the opportunities will come at the moment least expected.

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