Marcia Donovan

Marcia Donovan
Parent/School Liaison Director
Marcia Donovan is a Business Administration graduate from Mackenzie University in Brazil. While in Brazil, she was an owner and business executive of two successful businesses: a chocolate factory with 9 stores and a clothing factory for toddlers and teenagers. When she moved to the U.S., she successfully worked in the business administration field, but later on decided to help immigrant families become academically successful. 

She is currently a devoted Parent Liaison at J.E.B. Stuart high school, going on her 13th year helping first generation immigrant parents and students understand how to be successful in their new school and new life style in the U.S., the country they have adopted as their new home. In addition to her professional work, Donovan actively participates in numerous trainings and conferences to increase the number of Hispanic students accessing and completing higher education, getting parents involved in their children’s education, and helping them understand how the school system in the U.S. functions. Her vast experience includes but is not limited to the following topics: mental health, social services, gang involvement, immigration, mentoring, and peer mediation. She was also involved in the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans during President Bush’s administration and she continues her involvement with the program under President Obama’s administration.
Serving by example to the students is another virtue Donovan possesses as she served as President for the Hispanic Leadership Alliance association, which constituted of Fairfax Public School employees working to improve the academic success of Hispanic students by awarding them with scholarships. Working with local non-profit organizations to continue her aid to the Latino students is key. Donovan is currently the sponsor of the STAR (Student Training in Advocacy and Responsibility) Program, where students learn to develop advocacy and leadership skills through workshops and extracurricular activities. 
Marcia Donovan speaks:
“Education is the most important thing a person can do for himself or herself. Without it, it is very difficult to get a better life.  Education gives us the freedom to choose the kind of job we would like to do otherwise we are forced to accept any kind of job.” 

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