Liana E. Montecinos

Liana E. Montecinos
Executive Director and Founder
Liana Elizabeth Montecinos is a 2009 graduate from George Mason University with a double major in Philosophy and Spanish literature.  She currently works as an Immigration Paralegal at Benach Ragland LLP and aspires to become an attorney.  Liana has not only excelled academically, but has also demonstrated a long devotion and passion to help the less fortunate by creating and coaching soccer teams of over 30 low-income and at-risk children for 3 years, tutoring, conducting fundraisers to help the less fortunate among other activities and now creating USJ to help youth access higher education. 

Why are you passionate about higher education?
I am devoted to higher education because I have been exposed to a culture where being a woman, being poor and not having the protection of a male was the worst disgrace. Therefore, education was truly the only way one could attempt to have a voice in society.  I have witnessed too many injustices in life such as the marginalization of the poor, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of women specially those without a man by their side and education always radiated hope, freedom! 

What is the key of success for you?
I think the key to success is to live every moment of life with passion and lots of corazón-heart. No moment of my life goes by without me thinking what I can do to help others. Therefore, instantaneously, I continue to profess to myself that I need to be the best that I can be to help others do the same.

To the Youth: 
There is no doubt that there will be lots of obstacles in life, however, it does not matter how many times you fall, but how many times you lift yourself up. When you lift yourself up, be confident and be your own best friend, because most of the insecurities and doubts come from one’s self.

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