Jose Luis Aguayo

Jose L. Aguayo
Jose Luis Aguayo is a graduate student of Global Health at George Mason University. He obtained his BA in Biology in only three years from George Mason University in 2008 and is currently finishing the last semester of his Masters program. In addition to excelling academically, Jose Luis has demonstrated a desire and a commitment to serving his community. As a contractor with Children’s National Hospital through the Early Head Start Program, Jose Luis translated fact sheets and power points, as well as live presentations and seminars geared towards low-income immigrant families in Washington DC on topics such as child nutrition and prenatal care. He not only applied his academic knowledge to help the community, but also his passion for sports. He volunteered coaching soccer to high school kids in the Springfield area in a soccer program organized by the Fairfax police department, and he worked at the annual summer soccer camp in the area of Culmore. Jose Luis currently works at the Center for Health Environment and Change in Falls Church and hopes to pursue a career in international health issues in South America. 

I believe that higher education is the way of achieving success in life. It is the ticket to a better life, and the means of achieving your dreams. For as long as I can remember I have dreaded the average and longed for the extraordinary. I always thought that life could more than just the daily routine of getting by – it should be more. And the only way of reaching the extraordinary is education. I am passionate about education because it has given me the means of becoming more than I was. Along my journey I received help from countless individuals that motivated me and instilled in me a fighting mentality. Without those individuals I don’t know if I would’ve achieved what I have. Now, USJ has given me the chance to give back – to give back to the kids that like me have the desire to achieve the extraordinary, but face huge obstacles in achieving their dreams. To those kids I say, believe that the unreachable is within your grasp. Believe that greatness is there for you to take. Believe that with effort, dedication, and sacrifice you can be extraordinary. Believe in yourself. Believe.

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